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Ra and Gowoori

Cleans dirt, mucus on the skin, dead cells.Reduces the appearance of pores and reduces pores, helping to smooth skin and firmer skin.Due to its antibacterial properties, aloe vera gel helps to soothe the skin.Very good for acne skin.Korean Skin Care..
Rs.2,150 Rs.1,290
Charcoal is a powerful, natural ingredient used for its ability to deep cleanse the skin by acting like a magnet to pull out dirt and impurities that are trapped inside the pores.Tighten pores, serves as a gentle exfoliant so it is safe for everyday use followed by a good moisturizer to get that hea..
Rs.2,150 Rs.1,290
Don't let the heat and UV rays dull your skin! Help your skin restore its vitality, texture, glow, and moisture with this latest collagen foam cleanser. Rich collagen helps keep the skin at it most youthful stage while giving it a plump and bouncy texture and appearance. Formulated with only natural..
Rs.2,150 Rs.1,290
Ra and Gowoori Foam Cleanser 120 ml - White Milk
-40 % SOLD OUT
Pure milk extracts Whitening, smoothening and brightening effect to give that glowy skinMoisturizes the skinKorean Skin Care ..
Rs.1,900 Rs.1,140
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